Our story

We are a couple that met each other in the depth of a personal crisis. Going further on our old path was not an option, we felt the strong urge to do things differently. Thijs is an architect and lighting designer and Janine worked as a political advisor and manager.

We lef our jobs in Amsterdam behind and went to southern India, Goa. Where we dived deeper into the field of yoga and meditation. It was a big lifestyle change and a reaction to the hectic city lives we had been living for years. We surfed in Asia for a a while and afterwards we bought our B.lue B.each King (B.B.King) and we travelled through Europe for the last couple of months. Enjoying the things we love: the ocean, surfing, yoga, good food, designing, writing, socialising and travelling around.

We practice yoga everyday and It brought us the stillness and energy we craved forĀ for a long time. We experience many high and lows in our life, just like anybody else, but we believe that the answers lie within the intelligence of our own body. We love to share that wisdom with you and open up doors which once were closed.

You can book us as a couple or as an individual. As DJ, coach or as yoga teachers. We teach private yogaclasses, host groups, festivals and retreats all around Europe. We are both multistyle teachers (Thijs 200+ & Janine 500+) and like to teach almost every style. Modified by needs and requests, always with a focus on the breath. Let’s lift each other up!

In a society where everything is calculated we try to follow the algorithm of the heart

Join our journey and let your heart speak out!

I have been a seeker and I still am.

But I stopped asking the books and the stars.

I started listening to the teachings of my soul.

– Rumi –

Our journey

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to fo far, go together.